Win-Wynne Productions provides production resources from script to screen in television, corporate video, and web-based
projects. Get the message out with the right media. Win-Wynne Productions experience encompasses over 10 years of
television production, launching and producing national and local news, magazine, and public affairs programming.
News/Public Affairs:
  • The McLaughlin Group
  • Hardball with Chris Matthews
  • ABC Weekend News
  • Conquering Fear: Epidemic Disease Today (PBS) –
    companion piece to Conquering Fear: History of
    Polio in America by Nina Gilden Seavey.
  • Crossfire, Reliable Sources, The Capital Gang (CNN)
  • Cancer Diary (HBO Documentary)
  • The Rodney King Incident (TLC)
  • Health & Healing with Dr. Julian Whitacker (Phillips
Series Launches:
  • (Freedom Forum/Forum Network)
  • FlipSide with Susan Molinari (America’s Voice TV)
  • Midweek with Mary Matalin (America’s Voice TV)
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